Here are some of the ‘demo-able’ projects I’ve worked on. All code resides on GitHub. Since I find myself fascinated with music and other hobbies these days, I don’t have the time to update/maintain my old projects, but I leave them here just for reference.


The mobile experience for my university’s library is really slow and clunky. The pages load slowly and provide too much information. So I’m making an Android app to solve this problem (will work on iOS once I’m happy with the Android version).

A Node.js server that web scrapes the library’s site to provide book search results. Will update this page once the app is on the Google Play Store.


I like reading developer blogs but searching through individual GitHub profiles, and organization member lists is tedious. Hublogs makes an attempt to solve this problem by showcasing developer profiles based on a GitHub user or organization search.

Sorting Library Call Numbers

A Google Web Toolkit app that quizzes people on their library call number sorting. I implemented an unconventional string sorting algorithm to verify correct answers and to ensure I met UBC library’s call number sorting scheme.