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Posted by farezv on April 8, 2012

I go over my gaming history in this video and I’ll elaborate here.

The first game I can recall playing was Need for Speed 2 on my dad’s work computer way back in 1997/98. The cars glitched through the maps, but I enjoyed every minute of that incredible experience. That was my first encounter with video games ever and I was hooked. Too bad it was his work PC and he moved it to his office after realizing how addicted I was to NFS. After a long hiatus from any video game exposure, I went to a friend’s house sometime in 2004 or 2005 and he showed me the incredible open world of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. He had a custom gaming PC and that was the first time I realized you could actually buy individual components for a computer and assemble one in your living room. I was fascinated. I instantly fell in love with that game but I had no access to a personal computer (I grew up in India and we typically didn’t have PCs at home at the time, unless a parent worked from home). The primary reason for my infatuation with GTA was the freedom to do whatever I wanted. A true sandbox. This was something I had never experienced before and the concept of a “player controlled experience” amazes me to this day. My friend ended up buying Grand Theft Auto San Andreas later on and my excitement (and disappointment because I couldn’t play it) was through the roof.

Toshiba A100 TA2In 2006, I moved to Canada with my parents and they bought our first proper home PC in November of that year. A Toshiba A100-TA2 with an Intel Core Solo T1350 @ 1.86Ghz, 1 GB of ram and 80GB of hard drive space was the machine of choice. This bad boy has (yep, still works) an Intel Integrated GMA 950 Graphics controller (it’s bad bros). A month later, I saw GTA Vice City in a clearance bin for $10 at a local Best Buy and nervously had my dad buy it for me as a birthday present. I also ended up buying Battlefield 1942 and Counter Strike Source around the same time for $10 each, because The Orange Box was beyond my budget. At the time, I still calculated how much money I spent in Indian rupees (it’s something new immigrants do since they don’t have much money) since all my money came from small $10/month allowances (I was 14 and the legal working age is 15). I had to be careful when spending money since I barely had any (and thanks to student loans, I still don’t have any). However, those are some of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I can recall staying up late messing around with Vice City’s mod files and playing the game over and over again with the “invincible” and “Superman” mod. I repeated this process with San Andreas the following year. Countless hours were spent on BF1942 and CSS which resulted in me sleeping 4 hours a night throughout my junior year (Grade 11) of high school. I took a brief hiatus from gaming during my senior year and came back to it in March of 2010 during my freshman year of college but this time, in the form of a PlayStation 3.

I got the PS3 because my parents had bought a HDTV and our old dvd player broke so it just seemed like the most logical purchase since blue-ray players fell into a similar price bracket at the time. The old Toshiba couldn’t hang with newer games so I continued to play a bit of CSS and BF1942 from time to time and picked up Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare for the PS3. This was my first game in the console world followed by the disaster that was Modern Warfare 2. Followed by the somewhat decent experience of Black Ops which had strange performance issues on the PS3. But about halfway through Black Ops’ lifetime (COD titles seem to have a lifetime of one year on consoles), I ended up buying a gaming capable laptop which in retrospect was a mistake but I never really thought I’d get back into gaming to the extent I did and I originally bought it primarily for school use with occasional gaming. This Asus G53SW plays everything I’ve thrown at it so far including Battlefield 3 (low settings @ 1650x1050). It is on this bad boy, that I made my comeback to PC gaming. I picked up GTA IV, Episodes from Liberty City (GTA IV expansion) and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 the same week I got the PC and holy hell are they beautiful (keep in mind, this is a laptop, I intend to build a proper gaming PC soon). Since May of 2011 I’ve been back on the platform I grew up on & I couldn’t be happier.

Ever since I bought the PS3 in March 2010 and started playing COD I’ve been part of the YouTube gaming community mostly as a subscriber and viewer but recently as a video maker and the video above is my formal introduction. So feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel as I’ve already uploaded some videos and will get back into posting more often once I have time after my finals.

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Gaming/programming setup from May 2011 - May 2012 Gaming/programming setup from May 2011 - May 2012