Hyperlink syntax in jade templates

Posted by farezv on September 21, 2014

I’ve been working on a nodejs + express app that uses jade for templating and I went through a frustrating few hours of just finding the right syntax to get a hyperlink working.

The documentation is quite lacking and most of the stackoverflow threads I found were from a couple years ago before jade hit 1.0 when the syntax was different. Here’s the correct syntax.

	| #[a(href='http://github.com') GitHub]

Note those sneaky square brackets

If you wanted to use a variable in your js file and specify that in your jade template, use the following instead.

#[a(href='http://#{link}') Text you want showing up as link]

Or simply

#[a(href='#{link}') Text you want showing up as link]

You can remove the http:// of course but I have it hardcoded up there because I clean my urls by splicing out any http or https prefixes and any irregular / suffixes. Then I can use the clean example.com formatted urls however I want.